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ERASMUS+ Projekt "EqualDigiTalent"

Project Supervision: Universität Liechtenstein
Project Team: Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, Dr. oec. Barbara Eisenbart, Dr. Sonja Lippe, Prof. Dr. Heike Wiesner, Prof. Dr. Matthias Tomenendal, Prof. Dr. Johannes Kirch, Prof.Dr. Andrea Grisold, Mag.a Margit Appel und Mag.a Gerlinde Schein
Duration: September 2016 bis August 2019

The ERASMUS+ Project "EqualDigiTalent" was carried out by four international project partners* from Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany in close cooperation from September 2016 to August 2019: University of Liechtenstein (project management), Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Catholic Social Academy of Austria and Berlin University of Economics and Law.

All the informations about the project can be found here.