The fzg publishes the new Call for Paper for issue fzg 27|2021 Digitalization and Gender:

The umbrella term digitalization covers numerous technological, political, social, economic, legal and practical questions and scenarios, which often culminate seamlessly in dystopias or utopias. Gendering also operates at numerous levels, revealing social inequality at the interface of technologies and their (re-)production: the under-representation of women*, and of LGBTI as well as ethnic and religious minorities has furthered their invisibility in these technologies and exacerbated their socio-economic disadvantages.  Technofeminists were already pointing to the emancipatory potential of technofutures in the 1980s – so it is high time to pose the questions anew, since new social spaces emerge in the wake of digitalization and these have yet to be analysed thoroughly. 

We are looking for contributions addressing the above summarized questions – which you can also find in the attached Call for Papers in more detail – from an empiricaltheoretical, and normative perspective.

More information and directions in our call and on our homepage.
Articles (max. 40.000 characters) should be send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by March 31st 2020. We’re looking forward to receiving your submission!