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Studium Generale classes at HWR Berlin deal with topics from different fields: economics, social science, law, history, cultural studies and linguistics, philosophy and ethics. They recurrently include gender issues. Members of the HTMI regularly teach in Studium Generale

Gender in all its forms: the law in Europe

Term: Summer 2016

Course Instructor: Simon Dix

Objective: The aim of this course is to conduct an analysis and evaluation of various laws in Europe relating to gender and equality. We will look at the development of equality and societies' perceptions of gender, as well as how those perceptions have changed. The very question 'What is Gender?' shall be our starting point. Objectives include challenging individual's perception on what 'Gender' means, and the level of equality present as well as considering the reasons behind prevalent social discrimination.

Target Group: Students from all academic programmes and levels.

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