Gender and Globalisation

Studiengang: MA Labour Policies and Globalisation (Second Study Term)

Zielsetzung: This seminar examines how economic and social policies both in developing and developed countries need to be changed if gender equality would be taken as a serious obligation of policy. It provides insights in the broad range of academic research on the relevant topics.

Lehrinhalte: To  understand the gender dimensions  in different fields of economic and political action/programmes, to develop an analytical and practical understanding of gender impact assessment both in ex ante/ex post analysis of programmes/action

  • Introduction: On Gender, Development and Economics
  • Women and Gender in Economic Theory and Policy
  • Markets, Globalization and Gender
  • Employment Patterns, Gender and Informalisation
  • Gender dimensions of the crisis
  • Gender and Economic Growth
  • The Gender Wage Gap
  • Paid und Unpaid Labour - Indicators of Inequality
  • Instruments: Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Budgeting

Lehrmethoden: Mixture of presentation of central issues by lecturer, group discussions, student presentations